RockBud Prince - Lapis Lazuli

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RockBud is a massage wand with the most clever design to make it multipurpose: a source of healing, body awareness and self consciousness amplified with ecstatic pleasure.

This is the "Prince" size, 18 cm length and 4,6 cm diameter (please allow some tolerance in the measurements since each crystal has been hand crafted and hand polished).

Lapis Lazuli is a Gemstone known for its elevated vibration, in resonance with the throat Chakra and Thyroid: a hormonal glans that regulates the activity of many other glands of the endocrine system. Besides the beauty of its deep bright blue and golden inclusions, Lapis Lazuli elevates your communication capacities, elevating the voice of Your soul to be heard in it's purity and power. 

One of the signs engraved on the stone is the Bija Mantra HAM, which resonates with the purity of Your soul expressing its full potential...adding a bit of texture and sensations to Your wand.

Please enjoy Your RockBud. Enjoy Yourself. Enjoy Life.